The questions driving SalesSalsa.

For over a decade I have been seeking the answer to two questions.

First, what explains the different career-achievement levels of anyone who specializes in selling products, services, ideas, experiences or talent. In other words, what is it that causes some sales professionals to -

• have consistently overwhelming (versus underwhelming) sales-quota success;
• become known as ‘state of the art’ (versus ‘the state of the ark’) account reps or managers; or
• become top-gun sales benchmarks and role models within their industries.

Second, what is it that causes some to achieve these high levels of success and productivity quicker than others?

To find the answers, I studied the literature on sales, selling techniques, sales management, sales training, and account development in both B2B and B2C channels. As well I reviewed the content on sales-related sites and blogs.

What I discovered was that much of what was written was prescriptive and based typically on a few isolated cases (i.e., do this, don’t do this). What was missing was a more robust analysis of the multiple-causes or inputs that my sales consulting, sales training and interviewing had uncovered. As well, I couldn’t find any outcome measures to validate the impact of what was being prescribed in the sales literature.

In other words, what combination of factors explained exceptional sales performance and what evidence was there to demonstrate the importance or value of integrating these into one’s own sales methodology? Where were these facts?