The SalesSalsa Model.

What I discovered was that the ‘best of the best’ account managers had all developed different recipes, steps or approaches for their success, largely through trial and error.

Using a food analogy, there were many great cooks with outstanding recipes for making an excellent salsa, but when you closely examined these recipes there were key ingredients or inputs that were common to all. Using a dancing analogy, there were many great salsa dancers with unique styles and movements but the best utilized common essential steps upon which their dance prowess was built.

What I saw was that there seemed to be 12 key ingredients that explained the success of top-performing sales professionals. In all cases, a high level of sales success could be attributed to some subset of these 12 ingredients, inputs or steps. And these 12 effected what I call the three pillars (or outputs) of sales excellence:


1) how a person thinks;
2) how a person appears, and
3) how a person performs.

Your Thinking
aka - "the mingle"
Professional & Social Networks
Mentors & Role Models
Education & Training
Motivation & Values
Your Appearance
aka - "the tingle"
Outside Interests & Clubs
Grooming & Etiquette
Home & Vehicles
Health & Fitness
Your Performance
aka - "the jingle"
Performance Incentives & Disincentives
Corporate Relationships & Culture
Sales Processes & Techniques
Productivity Systems & Tools